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 Let Us Navigate The Complexities of Development For You

 With a rich history of land development dating back to its early days in metro Atlanta, and continuing today throughout WNC, First Victory is staffed and partnered with local firms that possess the skills to handle permitting and entitlements. The process of Land Development is a special skill, not to be confused with vertical construction and takes a knowledge base that comes from years of effort in this area of work. First Victory is both a Developer and a Contractor, enabling us to navigate from the very beginning stages before a parcel of land is zoned appropriately, approved, and ready for construction. This process of  land development that precedes construction can be a challenging and complex endeavor that includes public hearings, city meetings, complicated paperwork, constant follow-up, collaborations with civil designers and navigating delicate environmental concerns. Fortunately, First Victory is adept at navigating this stage on behalf of Project Owners, ultimately delivering a product ready for construction. First Victory can deliver the entitled and developed land to a Project Owner or continue with the vertical construction, completing the whole process through to a rental community or for sale products.


By providing an unparalleled level of collaboration and craftsmanship, we will bring your vision to life.

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